18 North Street, Armadale, EH48 3QB
Tel: 01501 730432
Repeats: 01501 732978

Surgery Door
We can only open our surgery door if you have an appointment with either the Doctor, Nurse or Phlebotomist. Our electronic door is controlled for entry by Reception. When attending the Surgery, please press the button on the intercom located on the wall outside and speak to our Receptionist. If appropriate, they will open the door electronically. For any queries, please contact the surgery on 01501 730432 and we will help you from there.

If you do have an appointment, we would ask that you wear a face covering before entering the surgery.

Patient Documents...

The following patient documents are available for download:

Diabetes: Basic Dietary Advice for People Newly Diagnosed With Diabetes

Download Diabetes: basic dietary advice for people newly diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes: Information and Support for Type 2 Diabetes

Download Diabetes Information and Support for Type 2 Diabetes.

Home Blood Pressure Diary

Download home blood pressure diary.

Self-treatment of Ear Wax

Download self-treatment of ear wax advice.

West Lothian Community Wellbeing Hubs

Download West Lothian Community Wellbeing Hubs leaflet.