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Repeat Prescriptions...

Please note that you will no longer be able to order repeat prescriptions on this website from the end of February. From March onwards you will have to use our new online repeat prescription and online services website.

To access the new repeat prescriptions and online services you will need to register to get a username and password. Please ask at reception for a registration form.

If you have already registered then please click here to login

For those patients who are on regular medication and wish a further supply, please let us know at least TWO WORKING DAYS in advance. Please be aware that if you supply a stamped addressed envelope, we will forward your prescription to you.

You have the following options available to you:

  • Telephone between 9.45 am and 12 noon and between 2.00 pm and 2.30 pm on 01501 732978.
  • Complete a request form (the tear-off page opposite your last prescription) and put it in the box on the Reception Desk.
  • Calling at the Surgery.
  • You may also request your chemist to order and collect the prescription for you.
  • Fill out the On-line Repeat Prescription Request form below.

Please note that prescriptions can only be given out after 9.00 am.

On-line Repeat Prescription Request Form

Please use this form to order a repeat prescription. This form is only to be used to request repeat prescriptions.

If you choose to email a copy of the request to your email address then the practice accept no responsibility for any problems that may occur or any errors that are made. Please also remember that email is not a secure method of communication. The email address that sends you a copy of the email is not monitored and emails sent to it are automatically deleted.

Please note your full name and date of birth in the format dd/mm (do not enter the year) are required. You also must accept the terms of use to submit the request. For any other queries please contact the surgery by phone.

Please Note:

Please do not phone the practice to ask if your prescription is ready. Could you please either come into the surgery or go to the pharmacy as we process too many prescriptions to keep check. Please remember it takes 48 hours to process your repeat prescriptions.

Prescription Pick Up

If you require picking up your prescription from somewhere different from normal then please select it here. Please note this will only apply to this request and does not change you preferred choice at the practice. To change permanently, please telephone the practice.

Medication Required

Additional Information

Confidentiality/Terms of Use

Using this form is as secure as email but not as secure as patient clinical records, so a hacker could read this form. Sending repeat prescription requests using this form is entirely at the patient's own risk. Armadale Group Practice or the website developers accept no responsibility for breaches in confidentiality resulting from using this form. You must check the box below to confirm that you have read, understood and agree to these terms for the form to be successfully submitted.